Need Help?
First Time Users
Q. How do I register for online services?
A. Please follow these steps:
    1. Select the I'm A New User Link. A pop-up registration page will appear.
    2. Fill out the form in its entirety.

    The form will ask for the following information:

      First and Last name
      User Name (you will create this)
      Email Address
      Password (you will create this)

    3. Click Submit. A confirmation page will appear.
    4. Close the confirmation page.
    5. Login with the User Name and Password you have just created.

    You have just completed the first step of registration!

    To complete your online registration, please take the following steps:

     6. Select "Add Account"
     7. Enter your Customer ID/Account Number from your most recent PSEGLI bill.
     8. Enter the PIN Number from the important message section on the bill.
     9. Click submit. Please allow a minute or so for your account to appear. You will see a blank page until it is complete.

Registering For My Account Services
Registering for My Account services is a 2-step process.
  • You will create a User Name and Password, then login.
  • To complete your registration, you will supply your PSEGLI Customer ID/Account Number and PIN number.
After your initial registration, you will always access your account by User Name and Password.

User Name
Q. What is a User Name?
A. The User Name will be something you create and easy for you to remember. It will be used, along with your Password, to login to the My Account area each time you wish to look at your account information.
  • Your User Name must be at least 6 letters or numbers, or a combination.
  • You can create a User Name by selecting "I'm a New User" on the login page.
    • An example of a User Name would be: jsmith2
Q. What is a Password?
A. The Password will be something you create and easy for you to remember. It will be used, along with your User Name, to login to the My Account area each time you wish to look at your account information.
    • The password must be 6 characters long, and must contain at least one numeric or non-alphanumeric character, i.e., my1test or my#test. It is case sensitive.
PIN Numbers
Q. What is a PIN Number used for?
A. A PIN number is used to identify you and your account. It is only used once to complete your online registration. After you complete your online registration, you will only use your User Name and Password to access your account information.

Adding Accounts
After you create your User Name and Password, the next step to complete registration is to tell us what account number should be included in the online registration. To do this you will select the "Add Account" link.
Q. What do I enter in the in the Customer ID/Account Number area?
A. You can enter either the Customer ID from the top and center of your PSEGLI bill. The add Account page will show an example of the bill. Please use only the first 10 digits.

Q. I also have an account number. Can this be used to add my account?
A. Yes, both the Customer ID and Account Numbers can be used.

Q. What do I enter in the PIN Number area?
A. Enter the PIN number that is in the important message area on your bill.

Q. I forgot my User Name, what should I do?
A. Send an email to us at Include your PSEGLI Customer ID or Account Number. We will it look up for you.

Q. I forgot my Password?
A. "Forgot My Password" on the login page. A new Password will be sent to you.

Q. This new Password is too long. Can I change it?
A. Yes. After you have logged in with this password, select My Profile. You will be able to change your Password to anything that suits you.

Q. I never got the New Registration email or any other email from the site.
A. Please follow these steps:
  • Check your email address under the My Profile link. If it is not correct, you can correct it here.
  • If you are using an email filter or anti Spam program, please allow email from these 2 website addresses: